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Below is a list of questions you may have concerning the products offered and our ordering process.

  • What is "Gallery-wrap" canvas?
    Some original paintings are done on what is commonly referred to as "Gallery-wrap" canvas.  Generally, this is a way of stretching canvas over "stretchers" (wood bars that form a frame to hold the canvas taut) and stapling the canvas on the inside of the stretchers so stables do not show.  The "wrapped" canvas can have different depths, most commonly "Gallery-Wrap" refers to a 1.5 inch depth.  When hung using a wire attached to the back, the canvas will lie flat on the wall (see picture).  If the sides are painted, there is no need to frame the piece. Note in the photo, the sides are approximately 1.5 in deep and painted to match the front.
  • Are prints offered with framing?
    No, all prints come matted and packaged without frames.  Standard size matted prints are offered so that our customers may easily purchase good quality mass produced frames at low cost. 
  • Do you offer framing?
    We do offer some framing and with the exception of paintings on gallery-wrap canvas. Most of our frames are custom made of solid woods. Because of the weight of solid wood frames and the cost of shipping, we generally do not offer framing on paintings purchased on-line. If you are interested in the purchase of one of our original paintings with framing, please contact us for the additional charge, or see our schedule of shows.  All original paintings purchased at the various shows the artist attends are sold with framing. 


















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